Monday, January 19, 2009

I play

Sunday, January 18, at The Source Comics and Games.

Here are photos; in the first one, I'm the guy at the end of the table, directly between the camera and the pop machines.

The DM (with the little laptop) is Kesher, from the Original D&D Discussion Forum. We're playing the original D&D rules, from 1974, and the adventure is James Maliszewski's Ruined Monastery, from Fight On! number 1.

A good time was had by all.


Sham aka Dave said...
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Sham aka Dave said...

Oops, that was my deleted post. Anyway...looks like a really good group of gamers, there. Thanks for posting these!

Will Douglas said...

Yeah, as soon as I posted it I checked and found that the photo didn't come through. So I edited it to provide a link to the pictures.

But it's okay now.

And yeah, it is a good group. Kesher says he wants to run every month or so, so this could be a good thing all around!

Max said...

Cool! Always nice to put a face to one of my online players, Will!

I myself am hideously disfigured, so this will have to do by way of turnabout.

Question regarding Kesher's game: Is it set in "Otherness," which I believe is the world his Fight On! articles have featured?

Will Douglas said...

I don't know, Max, but he did say players of dwarves or halflings could use his articles from Fight On!

But I'll ask him, and let you know.

kesher said...

Hey all.

Yeah, the whole session turned out far better than I had even hoped for. I am going to try to keep doing it every three or four weeks with a "Free Campaigners" mindset: Regular players have several characters, and whoever shows up determines which characters are chosen and which potential adventures are tackled.

Max: Yup, the whole campaign will be set in Otherness, though we ignored all of that for this first attempt. I'm hopeful that next session a demi-human or two might tempt the Devil with my Details, as it were... :)

Immediately after posting this, I'll be starting a blog about the campaign and Otherness in general, called SANDBOX EMPIRE. I'll list it on the ODD board and probably put it in my sig, so you can follow what happens if you're so inclined!

Sham aka Dave said...

Will, I thought I was going crazy after I made that first now deleted post. Thanks. I normally chalk such errors up to needing more coffee.