Monday, November 9, 2009

Sometimes, the rules can work FOR the party...

So, we were ambushed by kobolds.

This is fairly standard for a first level dungeon; they're kobolds, that's what they do. It's the only way they can survive.

But they didn't kill anybody, so they got killed themselves, all but one who ran off.

Unconcerned, we continued on our merry way. Until we came to a door, one that wouldn't open no matter what we tried. We made a lot of noise trying to open it, and the DM (Kesher) told us so.

"It'll attract monsters," he said.

So I had an idea:

"Fine, let it! We'll hide and ambush them!" And someone else (sorry, I don't remember who) said "And we'll wait until they open the door!"

So that's what we did. Doors open for monsters, even when they don't open for player characters.

So we ended up ambushing the kobolds this time and killing off some more of them. And we got the door open, to boot! I love it when things work out like that.

Sadly, however, while searching the Wizard's room, Melvin opened the wardrobe and was immediately bitten by a large, black snake. Failed his save vs. poison, and Melvin is no more. The party continued searching the room long enough for me to roll up a new character, equip him, and enter the dungeon and catch up with him. That's when my new character (a magic-user) asked "Who is the dead guy, and why haven't you looted the body yet?" So another fighter got Melvin's +1 sword, which was kinda cool.

One little gripe I do have about the game is the way everything changes all the time. Now we're using a different system for magic. I mean, sure, it's interesting to see the different ideas that come up, but at some point I'd like to just PLAY instead of PLAYTEST every time. Ah, well. I guess that's what other games are for.

(Don't get me wrong -- I do enjoy the game. I just don't want to have to learn new rules every session, that's all.)


christian said...

Awesome story. It's great that the GM wasn't a pill and allowed your ambush plan to work. Sorry about Melvin. Save vs. Death can be a drag.

Will Douglas said...

Yeah, he's pretty good about the whole "Don't say no" philosophy.

He does, however, subscribe to the "let the dice fall where they may..." philosophy.

kesher said...

Aw, dood, you preempted my entire next post! (okay, so, the Good Lord knows how long you'd have to wait for it...)It should be noted that the post linked to is actually for the session before the one Will's describing.

You know, I can't tell you how difficult it is sometimes for me to let those dice fall. I grew up fudging rolls ALL the time. I do feel less bad, though, since you came up with the "player gets the xp, not the character" idea. :)

I feel your pain with the "playtesting." I appreciate, actually, how flexible everyone's been with it. I can't promise it's completely done with, but we're getting there!