Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Holy cow, a post!

Haven't posted in a while. Sorry.

Sunday was my usual AD&D game. We spent the whole session (4 hours) in town.

One guy levelled up (now 4th). The way this DM handles advancement is that if you learn something NEW (in this case, a weapon proficience; but it could also be a spell level or whatever), then you have to pay for training. Otherwise you just advance once you're in town and have enough xp.

So, we spent the whole session in town. Nothing happened.

I mean, nothing.

This is the only problem I have with "sandbox" games. If the players don't know (or can't decide) where to go next, the whole game grinds to a halt. And we couldn't decide.

Part of this was because one of our party is a druid. Now, druids in AD&D aren't bad, but she decided to play it to the hilt, and won't go into a dungeon (in a game called DUNGEONS & DRAGONS...)

(If we'd had an objective, we'd have spent about half an hour in town and gotten on the road again.)

On the plus side, however, nobody died. And now both of our main fighters can use a longbow. So that's something, I guess.

In other news, this is my 100th post on this blog. Not too bad, considering.


Sham aka Dave said...

"but she decided to play it to the hilt, and won't go into a dungeon"

Explain to her that although Druids are true neutral, the underworld is the polar opposite of the waking world and nature itself. Dungeons are an abomination of unnatural forces and must be expunged in order for nature to persevere.

Or just slip the Druid some hemlock and head for the steps to level one.

Will Douglas said...

Good tip, thanks.

I should have said that she doesn't like to go into the dungeon. She'll go, but protests the whole way.

She sees her role as being out in nature, not in an artificial underground setting.

(And I think the player doesn't like the idea of dungeons in general, but I'm not positive of that.)

And I've used the "it's an abomination!" gambit to ensure she'd fight with us against unnatural creatures. Good luck getting her to fight natural creatures, except in direct self-defense!

So, like I said, she plays it to the hilt. And the player is a good addition to the group, so we're happy to have her around.

Sham aka Dave said...

Sounds like a good role-player. Glad to hear that. Ah well, there's plenty to do in the whole wide world around you.

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