Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Random table for Jeff

This is in response to Jeff's post here.

It's a d30 table, because I know Jeff likes his d30.

Random Mishap Table (for Jeff)

Dungeon events, roll hourly:

d30 result

01 --- Toe stubbed on loose flagstone, 1 hp damage
02 --- Torch "just goes out"
03 --- Torch dropped, goes out on 1-3 on d6
04 --- Backpack strap digs in too much, must stop and adjust.
05 --- Pebble in shoe; stop and take it out or move reduced by 1/4
06 --- Skivvies riding up; all rolls at -1 until adjusted
07 --- Head hit on low ceiling (or outcrop); 2 hp damage unless wearing helmet
08 --- Trip and fall taking 1-3 hp damage.
09 --- Charley horse! Must rest and massage it out or movement halved and all rolls -1.
10 --- Distraction; somebody stops to check something out (1 turn wasted)
11 --- Accidentally stab buddy with ready weapon, roll normal damage (but no STR)
12 --- No event
13 --- No event
14 --- No event
15 --- No event
16 --- No event
17 --- No event
18 --- No event
19 --- No event
20 --- No event
21 --- No event
22 --- No event
23 --- No event
24 --- No event
25 --- No event
26 --- No event
27 --- No event
28 --- Drunken monsters, 1-6, party automatically gains surprise
29 --- Someone dropped their purse! 1-2 copper, 3-4 silver, 5 gold, 6 platinum (1-100)
30 --- Someone dropped a magic item! 1 cursed, 2-5 low on charges, 6 normal


Lasgunpacker said...

Dropping the purse is a great one, and a good way to test NPC loyality.

Will Douglas said...

Thanks for pointing that out.

I had meant for it to be someone else in the dungeon that dropped the purse or magic item. (I wanted to have some things on the table that were good for the players, instead of just 'let's screw the bastards!'.)

But yeah, that would be a good loyalty test!

Rorschachhamster said...

Hmmm, it get's lonely out there in the dark... or is it just me that "dropping the purse" sounds just like "dropping the soap"? ;P

Matthew said...

My thief from last weekend would have had a 1 in 10 chance of being slain by your non-combat fumbles. I know life is cheap in OSR games, but that might be a little too cheap. Perhaps a temporary penalty of some sort would serve better than being killed by a stubbed toe.

Will Douglas said...

You could totally do a penalty instead of damage. Movement rate reduced by 1/4, for instance.

I was envisioning the table for use once players had gotten their feet on the ground, to spice things up. Not specifically to kill off first level characters through no fault of their own. (They already die easily enough, don't they?)

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