Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lessons learned about photographing miniatures

The first lesson I've learned about photographing miniatures is: Don't do it late at night when you're tired.

The second lesson I've learned is: Don't just say that you've switched your camera to the "close up" setting, ACTUALLY SWITCH your camera to the "close up" setting.

The third lesson I've learned is: Use a tripod.

The fourth lesson I've learned is: Use enough light.

These photos reflect the application of the first three of those lessons.

These are my skeletons. First the back, then the front.


Hakdov said...

Could you show a size comparison between these and regular 25 or 28mm figures? I'd be very interested in seeing the difference.

Will Douglas said...

Yeah, I could probably do that.

Tonight, I'm hoping to do a close up of a single figure, to do a "before and after" for the dip.