Friday, April 3, 2009

New Avatar!

Here's my new avatar! Let me know what you think.


Santiago OrĂ­a said...

You do "The education of a magic-user"??

It's a wonderful strip!!

I like the avatar

Will Douglas said...


Yes, I'm the guy who does it. (Although I'm currently way behind schedule for the next one. But I think I'll be okay...)

kesher said...


Between this and the mini you painted, I'm sensing your next character will be a mage... :)

Word Verification: imerco

(you see how I've been trying to help you with names?)

Will Douglas said...

You'd think so, wouldn't you? But I can't seem to roll higher than about a 10 on Intelligence. I almost always have my highest stat in Wisdom (and I'm getting a little sick of playing Clerics, let me tell you...)

But I'll try for a Mage when Melvin buys the farm.

kesher said...

Now that you've said that, of course, he's gonna make it to 10th level---Melvin the Magnificent!