Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Sad Day

I just heard that Dave Arneson passed away.

He was the guy who started it all. Without him, we wouldn't be here.

I'm sure those who knew him well will have eloquent eulogies for him. I only just met him a couple of times, both up at The Source. He was pleasant, and cheerfully signed the things I brought with me. (First Fantasy Campaign, Blackmoor, and the Dungeon Masters Index)

I can think of no more fitting tribute than to say that I'm going to keep right on playing and having fun. I think Dave would have wanted that.

And with that in mind, more pictures! Sorry they're out of focus -- they're better than the first ones I took.

This is a mini-battle scene, showing the Barbarian Hair Brothers against a Barbarian Orc.

All figures are from Caesar Miniatures, from their Fantasy line. Click to embiggen. I think the necklace of teeth on the orc came out really well. And I had to make the barbarians blonde, because their heads just looked so 80's hair band (they look blow-dried, don't they?). Next up will be some female characters from the Adventurers set, the ones I take as a Mage and a Cleric.

Anyway, hug someone you love today (especially a game designer).


kesher said...

Hair Brothers! You mean Shield Biter Brothers! Those are perfect for the two newly-charmed berserkers from last session.

I also like that they're battling in front of your new box... :)

Chris said...

Nice job on Snorri of the Herbal Essences and Olaf Lovelylocks. *<:o)

Any chance of some close-ups on the paint jobs? Or are they 'wargames quality'.

Will Douglas said...

Yeah, Kesher, the Shield Biter brothers -- that's exactly who I was thinking of when I was painting them. It's one of the reasons I decided to paint them first (well, after the wizard).

And Chris, good job on the names. They really do fit!

I'll try to get some closer up pictures, but photography isn't really my thing. And yes, they are "wargames quality".

I like to use the three foot rule. If they look okay from three feet away, they're fine.