Monday, July 20, 2009


Seems like just a couple of posts ago, I was telling you that Fight On! Number 5 was out.

(Oh, hey, it WAS just a couple of posts ago!)

Anyway, Fight On! Number 6 is on the horizon -- I can tell, because I just got my comic strip submitted (that's The Education of a Magic-User, for those of you who missed it in earlier posts). I haven't hit a deadline yet, so I'm still on track there.

However, this one is different: Calithena, the guy to whom I submit the thing, said (and I quote): "This one is quite funny."

That's a good thing for a cartoonist to hear! It beats the heck out of no comment at all. Actually, other than people saying they're looking forward to it, I haven't received a whole lot of comments at all.

Which is still better than "It's not funny" or "I don't get it" I suppose. Ah, well. At least Herself believes in me, and that's really all I need. Because ultimately I'm doing this for myself; when I start doing it specifically for others (as opposed to for myself), then I'll have to quit, because it'll be work and not fun.

But right now? It's still a lot of fun!

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Kevin Mac said...

Oh man, now I want to see that cartoon. But I'm a cheap bastard.