Monday, July 27, 2009


It was a quiet day around the house, yesterday. Up until, that is, the phone rang.

After establishing that I was who I am, the called finally identified himself. He's an acquaintance and fellow gamer. A while back he said in his blog that he was starting an AD&D 1e game, so I asked if he had room for one more player. He didn't.

But yesterday, four of his seven players couldn't make it. So he wanted to know if I was available.

I sure was! After checking with Herself to be sure we could swing it, I agreed and later set off to play. I was running somebody else's Halfling Thief, and I think I did okay. There was some talk of another guy having to drop out, and they might make me a permanent member of the group if that happens. So I might have another regular game to play in.

That would be nice.

Or, I could get references from past GMs and set up my own Gamer Temps service, like in Knights of the Dinner Table.

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