Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Page Wilderness

Since everybody else in the old school renaissance seems to be putting out their own one-page items, dungeons, cities, wildernesses, even whole games!), I thought I'd join in the frenzy.

Actually, it was a guy on the Original D&D Discussion forum that got me started. He said what I felt, that he had the creativity of a lump of mud. Well, he doesn't and neither do I.

So I took it as a challenge, and here it is: The Barony of Northmarch.

You can get the pdf here (which gives a legend for these symbols, as well as an encounter table and hex by hex descriptions).

Thanks to Chgowiz, for the One Page template.


kesher said...

Excellent! It has your personality all over it (you know, in a good way...)

Plus, superlative use of the word "abounds"... :)

This just confirms my thinking that it's about time to move outside in Otherness.

Will Douglas said...

Um, thanks (I think).

I'm not sure if we should move Otherness outside. Most of the characters are first or second level, and that's not high enough to venture into the wilderness.

Besides, the AD&D game I just joined is almost exclusively outside, and we're all first level there, too. (Well, some just made second). I'd hate to play two different D&D games with no dungeons!

But that's just me..

kesher said...

Well, okay, you have a point there. Plus, I'm not gonna toss aside my own dungeon quite so quickly... :)

kesher said...

Oh, hey, I forgot to ask: How did you make the map itself? It looks computer-generated...

Anonymous said...

At last, someone's had a go at a 1 page wilderness !

Superb, lots of flavour :)

Will Douglas said...

Sean, thanks for your kind words.

Kesher, the map template (hexes and numbers) came from Chgowiz's templates. The map symbols themselves are my own interpretations of the ones in my trusty old Cook/Marsh Expert Rulebook. I made my own versions in Paint and copied them into the hexes. (I'm doing the same thing with the symbols from Moldvay Basic for dungeons, too...)

Felipe Budinich said...

Your map rocks!

You could try your hand at using GIMP ( it's free open source software).

Having the option to work with layers, you could have source templates, for wilderness, city, etc...

and put out maps way faster ;-)

christian said...

I love the most boring hex in the barony. :)

Will Douglas said...

Yeah, I was quite proud of that. I was thinking up all these little things to put in there, and I thought it would be cool to have one hex where nothing ever happens.

Seriously, people remark on it.