Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In which I admit that I might not be an entirely analog gamer...

Nah, screw it, I still am.

When it comes to the important things, that is. Roleplaying games are played at a table, with your friends. Computers are tools; they will never replace the active imagination of a gamemaster. Period.

But, on the other hand, last night we picked up a Nintendo Wii.

Oh, my gawd!

There was one incident, in a tank game, which neither of us had yet played. The screen said there was one enemy tank. I traversed my turret and fired, bang!

And blew away my sweetie's tank.

She, meanwhile, was trying to understand what was supposed to happen. She hadn't even moved yet.

I didn't get a score, so I looked more closely at the screen -- and then, I finally saw the enemy tank I was supposed to shoot.


We laughed ourselves hoarse at that one. Seriously, it was nearly worth the price of the silly machine all by itself.

So yeah, for roleplaying, I'm still seriously analog. But for other things, I can see a point to digital...

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