Thursday, June 19, 2008

In which I make what feeble contribution I can

I gotta admit: I'm a huge fan of the new fan-produced, old-school magazine Fight On! Loved the idea back when it was just an idea, loved the first issue, love the discussion surrounding the second issue.

For the first issue, I did an illustration. Not a good one, but one that was requested (albeit based one an earlier title for such a venture). (If you're curious and want to play along at home, it's on page 29.)

And then, issue two rolled around.

And I really wanted to contribute.

And -- I had nothing.

I was hoping for an article, or a game variant, or a scenario, or whatever. Anything but art. I'm not really an artist; I don't even play one on tv.

So, what did I finally come up with? A comic strip.

I gotta admit, I'm a huge fan of the old Finieous Fingers strip that ran in the early days of The Dragon. Let's take a stereotypical thief and see what happens with him in a typical D&D world. And a legend was born.

Now, I'm not gonna swipe such greatness; I couldn't do it justice. But I will allow myself to be inspired.

My character is a beginning Magic-User. You know, the old, traditional, one-spell-and-then-he-has-to-go-for-a-little-lie-down sort of Mage. I submitted my first strip today, and Calithena (the editor, or coordinator, or whatever) said they could use it.

So, yay! I'm gonna be a published cartoonist! Maybe someday, I'll be able to collect all the strips in a book like the Finieous Treasury (which was one of my best eBay purchases ever...)

Or, y'know, not. We'll see.


Jeff Rients said...

Cool beans! I can't wait to see your strip!

Sham aka Dave said...

Awesome! I love me some Fineous Fingers. I almost 'forgot' about him, until Jeff scanned a picture of the strip on his blog recently. I found my Fineous Fingers Treasury anthology of strips, and I plan on reading it again when I have the time (maybe in a few years at this rate).

Will Douglas said...

Thanks, guys, for your support.

I feel I should point out that my strip is merely inspired by Finieous, I'm not actually ripping off J. D. Webster.

It's called Education of a Magic-User.