Friday, June 6, 2008

Worldwide D&D Game Day

Worldwide D&D Game Day is tomorrow. I'll be going to The Source, my friendly if not-so-local game store to participate.

They'll be releasing 4th edition, so I'll be able to check it out. I predict that I'll buy a Player's Handbook, just to have one. (I've already determined that I won't want to run the game.)

If I think 4e totally blows, you can expect a massive rant about it sometime this weekend. If I don't I'll probably mention it briefly on Monday.

I'm also planning to bring my three little books along, so I can run a dungeon in case they need more DMs. I didn't plan this in advance with the store or anything; I should have. But you never know.

But mostly, I'm kind of excited about seeing Dave Arneson again. He's the guy who started it all. He was there last year (October, 2007) and I had him sign my Blackmoor and Dungeonmaster's Index. I couldn't think of a single damn question to ask him (and I felt like a fool...) This year, I have his First Fantasy Campaign, so that's next on the autograph list. I'm also putting out a general call for any questions any of you might have for him. Let me know (by tonight, please; I can't guarantee I'll look at this in the morning).

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