Monday, March 16, 2009

Sneerglaw no more

Sadly, Sneerglaw didn't survive the latest foray into Under Xylarthen's Tower, by the estimable Jeff Rients, as run by Kesher.

Those hobgoblins were just too much.

Although I do have to say, he proved much more valuable to the party dead than alive.

First of all, there were the 755 gold pieces he was carrying (from the last session when we'd found a necklace worth 5000). Then, one of the guys took his blackened Balrog skull back to town and traded it to a Mage there for a scroll of Protection from Evil.

All in all, not to bad a deal.


kesher said...

And don't forget the second foray, where Narpet salvaged 11 more bones for his dubious bartering enterprise...

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Jeff Rients said...

I mourn for Sneerglaw.

Will Douglas said...

Thanks, Jeff. I do, too.

My fiance wants him to live.

She's considering writing about him next month in Script Frenzy (and offshoot of National Novel Writing Month), and telling the tale where he doesn't die but lives on and prospers.

(It's just one of the reasons I love her.)