(Sorry I'm late on this; I can't commit to things. Not sure if I'll even finish this, but what the hey.)


Just started rolling a character randomly, to see what I'd get. Straight 3d6, in order, take it or go home. Here are the results:

STR - 4 (loser!)
INT - 10 (average)
WIS - 6 (kind of a loser)
DEX - 9 (average)
CON - 11 (average)
CHA - 18 (wait...what? a Paladin?!)
GP - 120

Holy crap! First crack out of the box, I get a Paladin. But he's kind of an idiot-savant Paladin, at that -- can barely pick up his sword. Is there a Holy Dagger out there, I wonder? Stay tuned!