Sunday, April 24, 2011

D is for Danger

But I don't want you to think that overthrowing an evil galactic empire is all fun and games. Characters will run great risks, possibly even dying in the process.

Or being captured...

Remember that great scene in Star Wars when Luke, Han and Chewie go down to the detention block to rescue the Princess? That can totally happen in my game.

It's also possible that the characters staging a rescue attempt will fail. Utterly.

It all boils down to missions. I'm in the process of understanding the mission procedure from the wargame so I can mimic it in the RPG. Note that I say 'mimic'; I'm not going for a one-to-one translation here. Rather my adventure design will be influenced by the missions suggested in the wargame, as modified by the current state of the rebellion and the empire both.

I'm going to adapt the Table of Missions from TSR's venerable spy game, Top Secret. The main points of the table for each mission type were the following:

* Information the players know,
* Information the players don't know, and
* Possible complications

Set this against the backdrop provided, with varying environments and races and levels of Imperial involvement, and you can see how the same mission at two different times on two different planets will be two different missions.

That should keep the players on their toes!

Bonus post!

D also stands for Diving Right In

Sure, I could sit down and work out all the different neat aspects of the wargame and how I expect to model them in an RPG. But it'll be more fun and more productive both to get the basics down and then get straight into adventure design!

So, within the coming week or so I aim to have prototype character conversions set up and the rudiments of the first mission (adventure) down on paper.

It won't be easy, but if I slack off now it'll never happen.

And that'd be D also -- for Damned Shame.

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